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U.S Education Benefits

The EB-5 Visa can provide your children with better education, and job prospects within the U.S. compared to applying through the standard student visa route.

One of benefits that the Eb-5 gives the investor and their family, is the ability to apply for all levels of schooling as a permanent U.S. Resident, rather than applying as a foreign student. This generally provides the children with 3 main advantages over applying as a foreign student (through the student visa route):

  1. Prioritised Admission to Public State Colleges
    State Universities tend to prioritise the admission of local students and residents
  2. Lower tuition costs for Public State Colleges
    In-state tuition for public state universities tend to be significantly less than the tuition charged to students from other U.S. States or to foreign students.
  3. Better Job Prospects / No need for sponsorship
    After finishing studies, children can easily apply for jobs as U.S. residents, rather than having to first find a sponsor, then enter the H1-B visa lottery system, which has a small chance of success.

Increased U.S Job Prospects

Under the Eb-5 Visa, if, following their studies, your children want to work in the U.S., being U.S. residents they are able to simply look for and apply for jobs in the usual way.

If your children have entered the U.S. on an F1 student visa – the process of staying and working in the U.S. has little chance of success. They first need to find a company to sponsor them for a H1-B visa. If they are able to find a sponsor, all sponsored children are then entered into the H1-B visa Lottery system. The statistics for 2015 H1-B visa applications are below:

  • 233,000 new H-1B petitions were filed in 2015.
  • The Visa Cap was 65,000, plus an additional 20,000 available for those with advanced degrees (85,000 Total).
  • 28% of visas were selected in the lottery process, for those without an advanced degree.

This means that 72% of applicants, who were lucky enough to find a sponsor, had their H1-B visa denied and were unable to stay in the U.S. beyond their studies to work.

As a U.S. Resident under the Eb-5 Visa, applicants do not have to go through this process, and simply apply for jobs as any other U.S. person would.


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